The Goldstar BambooSax  
This Beautiful instrument come in the key of Bb or C  and is hand crafted by Actor/Musician Chris Tummings from the finest treated Bamboo and is made to the highest quality. It has an amazing sound and people are often heard saying "I cant believe such a big sound is coming from such a small instrument". 
The Goldstar Bamboosax uses a tenor sax reed and can be purchased at any good musical Instrument store.
 With all the chromatic notes in two octaves, this instrument is great for professionals and beginners alike. If you always wanted to be a musician or indeed a saxophonist this is the powerful little instrument for you. The Goldstar BambooSax is an Ideal gift for the young or old, and guaranteed to have them playing for hours.
The Goldstar Shogun C comes in concert pitch C. A big hit with professionals
Full credit should go to Brian Whitman the inventor of the Maui Xaphoon back in 1973 who standardized the design which the Goldstar Bb Bamboosax is heavily influenced by.